Evaluating Damages & Resources

The Profitable Consumer Law Practice: Being a Good Lawyer is Not Good Enough, Parts Two

The goal of the National Association of Consumer Advocates’ two-part webinar series: The Profitable Consumer Law Practice: Being a Good Lawyer is Not Good Enough, is to assist attendees in strengthening their consumer law practice and maximizing its profitability. The first webinar in this series will walk attendees through the basics of choosing practice areas, practice models and business models.

Maximizing Damages Under the FDCPA

This webinar will cover maximizing damages under the Fair Debt Collections Act Statute, from start to finish, including finding the story of the case. An emphasis will be placed on actual damages, common law theories that help get to punitive damages, recent verdicts and awards. We’ll cover the authorities that help you establish the correct standard for determining actual damages (i.e. emotional distress) under the FDCPA, what evidence is needed to prove actual damages and punitive damages, as well as how to recover your attorney fees and costs.

FCRA FDCPA and Bankruptcy Part One

The first webinar will cover the overlap of FDCPA and Bankruptcy- both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Mr. Krumbein will be discussing a LITTLE bit about how each bankruptcy works, so some familiarity with bankruptcy is helpful. He will be focusing primarily on the substantive law of FDCPA and how it interacts with bankruptcy- some of this is doing well while doing good material ie: your client can get a free bankruptcy and you get paid for getting the money and the bankruptcy.


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