2015–2017 Strategic Plan

Throughout the summer and fall of 2014, the Board undertook an extensive process to develop a strategic plan to guide the work of the association for the next three years. The plan will be reviewed and revised on an ongoing basis. Some of the high-level goals include:

Financial Health

  • Continue to strengthen the organization’s financial position
  • Establish a fundraising strategy


  • Ensure that the NACA brand is aligned with the strategy plan
  • Enhance the organization’s brand recognition and increase leverage on Capitol Hill to strengthen our ability to deliver on advocacy objectives

Membership Services and Engagement

  • Enhance the organization’s ability to respond to member needs and emerging trends
  • Increase sales of products and services
  • Empower the  members  to have greater ownership of the organization

Internal Structure and Management

  • Better integrate technology to improve functionality for members and staff


  • Set legislative priorities based on communication with members, environmental scan, and staff experience
  • Eliminate forced arbitration clauses from consumer contracts
  • Achieve changes to attorney fee tax policies
  • Encourage more member/client engagement on policy and legislation