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Our voices and stories are the most powerful weapons we have to fight back against unscrupulous conduct. Join NACA in fighting for better protections for consumers—our families, friends, and neighbors—in the marketplace. Together, our voices will be heard.

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Every day, big businesses and their high-powered lobbyists tell Congress what to do. They ask lawmakers to make it easier for them to cheat us and then shield themselves from liability.

While crooked corporations pad their bottom line, they empty our wallets and endanger our financial lives. Lawmakers should protect consumers, not sell them out.


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If you have ever been a victim of illegal, unfair, or shady business practices, your story can help make sure no other consumers will have to suffer the same way.

Your experience has likely been very difficult, and you may not want to retell your story, but by sharing your story, you will help us drive national and local debates and conversations with policymakers.

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Be one of the first to speak out when new bills or other proposals threaten your rights.

Send a letter to your Members of Congress asking them to support the Forced Arbitration Injustice Repeal Act and end forced arbitration.