If not now, when? If not you, who? Consumers and Advocates, look out and get involved!

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Under the guise of job creation, the Wisconsin GOP has clearly visited the American Legislative Exchange Council’s playbook and are pushing a few anti-consumer bills that will further shield corporations from liability for wrong doing. 

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has called a "Special Jobs Session" to consider a list of bills, including one that appears to be a version of the ALEC "Drug Liability Act" and also two additional anti-consumer bills that strike at the heart of the Wisconsin Consumer Protection Statute and will make it harder for consumers to fight corporate malfeasance.  ALEC is the corporate-funded national organization that allows Big Business to craft, then vote to approve, "model bills" along with politicians that right-wing legislators then take home and push in their states. The Wisconsin bills, AB 12 and AB 14 are sponsored by Sen. Rich Zipperer (R-Pewaukee), who paid his ALEC dues with taxpayer dollars.

Our friends and colleagues in Wisconsin need your help!  There are currently two bills moving through the Wisconsin Legislature that, if passed, would undermine the state’s Consumer Protection Statute by shifting the cost of enforcement and remedying important consumer protections from unlawful acts of others to the individual harmed or the state.

Please click through the links here to access talking points about the bills and legislative information on each proposal.  BUT most important, here is how you can help:

1.    Send an email or letter to the Assembly Judiciary and Ethics Committee and the Senate Committee on Committee on Judiciary, Utilities, Commerce, and Government Operations  – please use the sample text here but please do tailor it speak to any relevant stories or changes that have occurred in your state and why AB/SB 12 and AB 14 are bad bills.

2.    If you need additional information about this bill, please contact NACA member Gordon Leech at  gleech@celcwi.com.
The anti-consumer lobby has been busy and Wisconsin members need your help now; your state could be next!  Please take a moment to lend your support!

Written by Delicia Reynolds, Legislative Director, National Association of Consumer Advocates