Training Library Available to NACA Members

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The National Association of Consumer Advocates is glad to announce that there is an online training library, which serves as an archive database for previous webinars.  

The idea came about as our Education and Training Department was looking for new ways to ensure that we provide our members with webinars and training opportunities that keep them at the forefront in the battle for consumers. 

“As the webinar schedule for the upcoming months is getting booked we thought it would serve as a great tool for members to catch any webinars that they were previously interested in but were unable to attend,” said Chelsea Langston Manager of Education and Development.

The library boasts a catalog of over twenty webinars and will grow rapidly as NACA hosts more webinars.  A complete list can be found online by signing in to the members only section of the NACA website, selecting the Training and Education tab, then clicking the ‘Training Library’ which will link you to the main page of the database. For any further questions about the education and training initiatives at NACA please contact Chelsea at


-Arielle M Dixon