National Association of Consumer Advocates Seeks to Grow Partnerships with Law Schools and Law Students

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The National Association of Consumer Advocates (NACA) is known throughout the country as the premier association for veteran and less experienced consumer attorneys alike.  However, we would like to expand our reach to include more law schools and law students.  In many law schools across the country, a law student can earn her JD without ever hearing the term consumer law. NACA believes that consumer advocacy, whether done in a legal services organization, a firm, a government sector position, or as a solo-practitioner, offers students a wealth of career possibilities that will allow them to both do good work and do well financially.

This year, NACA has already started offering more regular Free Public Interest webinars open to NACA members, legal services attorneys, and law students.  These free webinars average one per month and have covered a wide range of topics including Federal Trade Commission Updates, Private Practice Legal Services Partnerships, What You Need to Know about the Attorneys General Mortgage Settlement, and many more.  However, NACA isn’t content to stop there.

The National Association of Consumer Advocates is striving to meet the educational, professional development, and networking needs of tomorrow’s attorneys. Later this year, once we cultivate interest, NACA plans on launching a series of interactive, web-based learning opportunities for law students.  These webcasts will feature successful, well-known NACA attorneys who will share a bit about their career trajectory; how they rose to the level they are now in their field, why NACA has been an important resource for them.  If you are a NACA attorney willing to share about your career as a consumer advocate with law students and up-and-coming attorneys, please email Chelsea Langston at

NACA already has a few pockets of involvement from law students and law schools around the country. However, we are working to expand our presence among law students as individuals and among law schools as a potential student organization. You can help us with these efforts.  If you have a connection to a law school, whether as a professor, lecturer, alumni, clinical faculty, volunteer, or in any other capacity, we want to hear from you. Please email Chelsea Langston at to help us connect with your law school. Let NACA provide the law students you know with the resources you know they need to succeed in today’s workforce.