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Did you win a big case recently and have lessons you learned from it that you could share with the membership?

Have you discovered a new way to think about or litigate cases involving big issues such as the TCPA, FDCPA, etc?

If so, consider writing an article for us to share this expertise with fellow NACA members that could be featured in a future edition of our newsletter and in our site blog.

If you are interested, please email [email protected] with a brief summary of your proposed topic. Suggested topics include debt collection, forced arbitration, foreclosure/mortgage issues, and lessons learned/mistakes to avoid in setting up your own practice. Below are basic article guidelines:

  • The article should examine an issue from a different angle and either offer innovative methods of fighting against the issue or provide insight on new or obscure information that attorneys may not know about.
  • The length should be between 600–800 words.
  • A brief biography (about 60 words) and photo can be included at the end of the article so members can get to know a little more about the writer.
  • Links should be incorporated into the article when relevant to provide readers with more detailed information.
  • A photo or two may also be included to help illustrate main points. Photos need to be original photos or adhere to copyright restrictions.
  • The tone should be conversational and not overly formal.
  • The article should end with a “call to action” for readers. For example, give them something to think over by asking a question or let them know what they can do to get involved and take action regarding this issue.