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Gain insight into how to handle emerging trends in the auto fraud arena. These trends include:

  • Warranties and Service Contracts cases
  • Deceptive Documents
  • Falsified income and other false information on credit applications
  • Odometer Act Tampering
  • Title Cases
  • CPO/Used Car Cases


Bryce Bell is the founder of Bell Law, LLC, a law firm dedicated to relentlessly pursuing justice against companies that defraud consumers. Bell Law focuses on auto safety, landlord/tenant issues, Fintech, and other Unfair Deceptive Acts and Practices (UDAAP), both individually and as class actions and mass torts across the country. Bryce is the Missouri state chair for NACA. Recent accomplishments for the firm in 2019 include a settlement with Wells Fargo for violations of the SCRA and a $1 million+ data breach settlement for local employees in the Kansas City area whose private information was compromised.


Scott Kaufman founded California Lemon Lawyers in 2003, after a short stint with one of the nation’s largest lemon law firms. Scott’s firm is now averaging one new case a day and growing exponentially. The firm has been responsible for returning millions of dollars to California consumers who had been wronged by businesses.Susan Warren is a partner at Feferman, Warren & Mattison, a consumer fraud law firm located in Albuquerque, NM. She particularly loves suing car dealers. Ms. Warren once obtained a $669,000 jury verdict on behalf of a Navajo couple, who had purchased a used vehicle for $3,995. Ms. Warren has numerous published federal court decisions in the area of consumer law. Ms. Warren graduated from Harvard Law School in 1990. She is a past New Mexico state chairperson for NACA.