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  • Deals: Screening for Auto Fraud Financing Violations
  • Finance Company Liability in Auto Fraud Litigation
  • Introduction to Auto Fraud Finance
  • Spotting and Litigating TILA Claims
  • Spotting Dealer Add- Ons: Gap, Service Contracts, Etching, Other Extras
  • Litigating Yoyo Cases

Why These Videos Are Helpful

  • Are you new to auto finance fraud and want to gain a broad understanding of the major types of finance claims you can litigate?
  • Are you interested in determining whether the cases that walk through your door are litigable with valid, collectable claims under fee-shifting statutes and attorneys’ fees?

This webinar series will give you an overview of litigable auto finance cases dealing with predatory lending, TILA, add-ons to the financing contract, and more. This webinar series is geared to beginner and intermediate auto fraud practitioners.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to spot common auto fraud claims associated with the vehicle financing, including predatory lending and TILA
  • Who are the players and what are the processes and products that are associated with auto finance fraud
  • How to take advantage of theories of direct liability, seeking to hold assignees liable in their own right
  • Determine whether dealers committed fraud through add-ons to the financing contract
  • How to spot and investigate yo-yo claims