2018 Auto Fraud Conference

April 26–28, 2018
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Business Development
Client Management
Conducting Negotiations and Settlement
Evaluating Damages & Resources
Law Office Operations
Negotiating Attorney Fees
Spotting and Investigating the Legal Issue
Strategy: Structuring and Plotting the Case

Conference Chairs: Gregory Babbit, Hawk Barry, and Dan Blinn

The 2018 Auto Fraud Conference will take place April 26–28, 2018 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Why You Should Attend

With record numbers of fraudulent auto loans in the past year, rebuilt wrecks from hurricane-stricken states expected in used car lots, and potential violations from the growth in online  automobile purchases (potentially 10% of all auto sales by 2019), consumer attorneys must be prepared to address a wide range of new and recurring auto fraud challenges in the coming years.

The 2018 Auto Fraud Conference will provide you with knowledge of the workings of the industry, how to spot and litigate financing and “metal” cases (such as prior wrecks), and how to settle cases and get paid for your efforts. Furthermore, we will explore ways to set up viable auto fraud practices and litigate cases in growth areas of auto fraud.   

What You Will Learn

  • Learn to spot and litigate the most common types of auto fraud and expand your practice into cutting-edge areas

  •  Learn how to conduct discovery and get the documents you need

  •  Learn how to set up your practice and choose the best venues to try your case


Click here to view the conference agenda.

Pre-Conference Workshop on Deposition and Trial Skills

On April 25, we are offering a workshop on deposition and trial skills. Using an auto fraud case study, learn best practices from fellow NACA members Craig Friedberg, George West III, and trial skills expert Laurie Koller. This interactive workshop will provide opportunities to practice giving depositions, opening statements, and voir dire instructions. Click to view workshop agenda.

Pre-Conference Workshop on the SCRA 

On April 26, a a morning workshop on Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) will be offered to introduce participants to the consumer protection aspects of the SCRA, to help them become comfortable handling military clients and claims, to obtain tools and skills needed to establish a SCRA practice, and to learn how to get compensation for handling SCRA cases. Click here to view the workshop agenda.



Registration TypeEarly Bird (Until 3/16/18)Regular (3/16/18 – 4/14/18)
Conference Only$569$669
Depositions and Trial Skills Workshop Only$250$250
SCRA Workshop Only$115$115
Both Workshops Only$300$300
Conference + Depositions and Trial Skills Workshop$775$875
Conference + SCRA Workshop$635$735
Conference + Both Workshops$835$935


Registration Type Early Bird (Until 3/16/18)Regular (3/16/18 – 4/14/18)
Conference Only$769$769
Depositions and Trial Skills Workshop Only$350$350
SCRA Workshop Only$215$215
Both Workshops Only$400$400
Conference + Depositions and Trial Skills Workshop$1100$1100
Conference + SCRA Workshop$935$935
Conference + Both Workshops$1175$1175

* The membership application process can take three weeks to be completed. Applicants for membership must apply by February 15 to receive the early-bird rates and no later than March 15 to receive the member rate for the conference. Bronze, Gold, and Platinum members will be able to register at discounted rates based on their membership level. Learn more about higher-level memberships. All higher level members must email rebecca@consumeradvocates.org to receive a unique coupon code to register at the discounted rate.

** All nonmembers must be vetted to attend the conference. The vetting process will take at least one week. Nonmembers will not be allowed to register on site. Nonmembers will need to apply for conference registration no later than April 1, 2018.  To start the vetting process, email Rebecca@consumeradvocates.org.

Paper Registration Form

Nonmembers should only submit a paper form after permission to attend is granted.

Registration closes April 14, 2018. Only NACA members are allowed to register on site. Please email rebecca@consumeradvocates.org if you plan to register on site.


The MGM Grand is located directly on the famed Las Vegas Strip. With some of the finest restaurants on the Strip, multiple night clubs, grand pool complex, casinos, and more, the MGM Grand offers all the amenities you need for an amazing conference experience. The hotel is just minutes away from the Las Vegas airport. To reserve your hotel room, click here. You can also make a phone reservation by calling 877. 880.0880. Please use the code SNAC0418 to secure the group rate. Please note that you can purchase discounts for MGM’s spas, restaurants, bars, and shows when you reserve your hotel room online. NACA has secured the following group rates for the hotel (rate does not include $39 daily resort fee and 13.38% local tax):