Medical Debt Defense—Actual Defenses and Aggressive Counterclaims You Can Use in Your State

July 22, 2020 2:15 p.m.ET–3:15 p.m. ET
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Evaluating Damages & Resources
Spotting and Investigating the Legal Issue
Strategy: Structuring and Plotting the Case

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This is the Wild West of debt collection. Every debt collector wants in on it, and as consumer attorneys, we’ve had limited options. No more. Anyone who deals with medical debts is searching for new methodologies to defend against collection. But there are also ways to counter-punch as well, giving you the option to fight back against unfair hospital bills and collection techniques. This webinar will appeal to both legal services and private practice attorneys who need defenses against medical claims and want to explore counterclaims that can range from single counterclaims to possible class actions.

What You Will Learn

•    What the central aspects are of medical debt collection (including an explanation of the “Chargemaster”), your rights to access of the hospital’s pricing schedule, and items you should be demanding in the discovery process.
•    How to use affirmative defenses that will give you a fighting chance, open up discovery even where a counterclaim isn’t available, and increase your standing with regards to settlement.
•    How to use FDCPA and local UDAAP statutes to challenge the fairness of the hospital’s billing practice and the debt collector’s actions.


As a consumer law attorney in Indiana, Keith Hagan has been privileged to be on the front line of defending medical debt cases for the last three years, where his case load has increased from settling one a month to what is now open litigation of forty-five cases.

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