Building Your Practice? Make Your Internet Presence Work Harder For You

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October 9, 2015
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Are you secretly starting to wonder whether it is possible to make a living as a consumer attorney? It is. If you did not inherit a lucrative law practice and if you cannot finance expensive contingency cases, then you need to have a reliable strategy for attracting consumers and convincing them that your services are worth their money. Fortunately, the methods for attraction and conversion have already been figured out by Internet marketers. When used ethically, these methods apply very well to the business of consumer law

What You Will Learn

  • How to build a web presence that brings prospective clients to you
  • How to automate some of the interactions between prospective clients and yourself, so that by the time you pick up the phone, they are really just calling to see if they can hire you


Ian Chowdhury joined the California bar in 1998. He worked for several years as a litigator at a large firm and then started his own practice in 2004 defending consumers against debt collection cases. Ian has been gradually learning ever since, how to build his business by thinking about it as an Internet business.


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