Five Tactics to Get Found Online

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April 12, 2012
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Why You Should Attend

In December of 2010, we presented an overview of the three purposes for digital marketing for businesses and professions: generate leads, build brand recognition and credibility, create community and relationships.

In April, 2012, we want to drill into how this affects firms that provide consumers with legal services specifically in local markets. Even if you don't have time to invest in continuously adding valuable content to your website, advertising, and social media, there are 5 things you can do yourself, or outsource, to make your practice visible online:

  • Claim all the local listings you can and get reviews if you can
  • Add a mobile-friendly website
  • Add a blog to anchor your content generation
  • Post snippets from your blogs to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Monitor the impact of your activities

We will share the rationale for each of these tasks, and tell you how you can go about doing them.


The webinar will be presented by Gary Levine, President of the WSI Digital Marketing practice in McLean, VA. Mr. Levine and his WSI office have been serving law firms and other professional services with online marketing assistance since 2003.

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