Grow Your Practice: Beyond Traditional Consumer Statutes

Webinar Date: 
November 15, 2017


  • Basic Concepts of the Electronic Funds Transfers Act
  • Civil RICO for Consumer Lawyers
  • Nuts and Bolts: Integrating Food Law Into Your Practice
  • Introduction to Food Law and Hot Topics
  • Protecting Consumer Rights Using the False Claims Act

Why These Videos Are Helpful

Are you interested in expanding your consumer practice to new cases? Do you take FDCPA cases and want to learn how to use the Electronic Funds Transfers Act (EFTA) to bring additional claims for your clients? Do you want to learn about the elements of a Civil RICO claim and be able to recognize when it is—and is not—the proper claim to assert? Are you interested in integrating food law into your practice? Are you interested in understanding the basics of False Claims Act rules and litigation, including some of the practical advantages and disadvantages of proceeding under such a theory? This webinars series is geared to attorneys of all levels who want to expand their practice.

What You Will Learn

  • What the basic definitions and principals of EFTA are and what factors determine when electronic funds transfers occur
  • What elements are required to properly plead and pursue a Civil RICO claim
  • What the hot topics are for litigation of food law claims
  • How to expand your food law resources, learn successful litigation strategies, and develop a stronger ability to ascertain winnable food law cases.
  • What the elements of, and defenses against, a False Claims Act suit are


Irv Ackelsberg joined Langer, Grogan & Diver P.C. in September 2006. A prominent public interest lawyer, Irv practiced for thirty years with Community Legal Services, Inc. of Philadelphia.

Ilene Ringel Heller has more than twenty-five years of experience as a food and drug attorney. For the past five years, she has served as a regulatory consultant on food labeling issues, with an emphasis on consumer protection litigation involving deceptive food claims.

Maia Kats is the litigation director for the Center for Science in the Public Interest, where she focuses on consumer class actions in the food and supplements context.

Peter Leckman joined Langer, Grogan & Diver P.C. in 2011 and was named a partner in 2014. He specializes in antitrust and consumer class actions and appellate work.

Tracy Rezvani is a shareholder of Rezvani Volin P.C. in Washington, D.C. Over the last twenty years, she has represented consumers in food-based class actions.

Sasha Samberg-Champion is counsel at Relman, Dane & Colfax PLLC. He previously worked at the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice and the New York Attorney General’s Office. His practice includes a variety of civil rights and consumer protection lawsuits, as well as occasional forays into False Claims Act litigation.

Larry P. Smith is a consumer attorney, handling matters involving the FCRA, FDCPA, and EFTA, as well as state consumer fraud/UDAP matters for over eighteen years. He is the managing partner at SmithMarco, P.C.


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