Hands-On Tools for TILA Closed End Credit Cases

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January 18, 2018
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Consumer lawyers routinely review loans, including auto loans, payday loans, tax loans, and pawn loans. All of this paper is an opportunity: experience teaches that many loans violate the Truth in Lending Act (TILA). TILA claims can take many forms and serve many purposes, from creating powerful counterclaims in individual debt collection cases, to forming the basis for class actions. This webinar will provide hands-on tools for identifying and litigating TILA closed-end credit cases.

What You Will Learn

•    How to spot TILA closed-end credit violations, with lots of examples from a variety of different types of loans, including auto loans, payday loans, tax loans, and pawn loans.
•    How to evaluate whether to bring a TILA claim.
•    How to navigate TILA litigation, including individual vs. class actions, damages, likely defenses, use of experts, rhetorical techniques, etc.


Nicholas Mattison is a partner in the firm Feferman, Warren & Mattison. He practices exclusively on behalf of consumers in individual and class action cases. He has litigated numerous TILA cases, including multiple TILA class actions through settlement and trial.

Praise for the Webinar

"Great webinar for novices in prosecuting TILA cases. Mr. Mattison gave very specific advice on how to spot TILA issues in consumer contracts."

"This webinar is helpful for both beginning and seasoned consumer lawyers, with practical examples from real cases."


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