How to Make Money in Consumer Practice

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June 20, 2013
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This practical seminar will provide tips on how to thrive while doing good consumer work Included will be basics on what kind of practice to establish, how to select areas of concentration and how to pick good cases and good clients. It will also discuss how to work the cases and chart their progress in order to keep the income flowing.


Jane Santoni has been a licensed attorney since 1986, a litigator since 1988 and a consumer advocate since 2002. Along with her partner Joe Williams, she has run a small firm for the last 10 years and is making a living doing work she loves. Although most of her work consists of auto fraud she handles debt collection, abuse cases, mortgage fraud, construction defect cases personal injury and class actions. She has been interviewed by local and national press, has taught courses in consumer protection law and recently appeared in “Driven to Defraud” a film about how to avoid getting ripped off. She is a proud member of NACA.


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