Student Loans: Is Bankruptcy the Right Choice

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September 25, 2015
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According to the Department of Education, more than one trillion dollars is owed by student borrowers and nearly seven million borrowers are in default. Student loan borrowers are looking for relief, yet many lawyers choose not to take student loan cases because they believe that most student loan cases are really just bankruptcy cases in disguise. Knowing when and when not to recommend bankruptcy is crucial for successfully resolving student loan debt cases.

What You Will Learn

  • How to address common misconceptions about bankruptcy and student loans
  • When to resolve student loan cases using bankruptcy
  • Other options to successfully resolve student loan debt


Josh Cohen started his own law firm in 2008 and focuses his practice on helping people with student loan problems. He assists borrowers and their families with federal student loan issues of all kinds, defends debt collection lawsuits filed by student lenders, sues debt collectors for harassment and abusive conduct, sues creditors and credit reporting agencies for inaccurate credit reports, and settles overdue private student loan debts.

Jay Fleischman, a partner at Shaev and Fleischman, has twenty years’ experience in consumer law, focusing on student loans, bankruptcy, debt collection, and credit reporting. Fleishman received landmark ruling in Torres v. Chase Bank USA, NA, Russell v. Chase Bank USA, NA and Gilyard-McKenzie v. HSBC Bank USA, NA providing a comprehensive roadmap for creditors to properly update credit reports for bankruptcy cases.


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