Successful Credit Repair Organization Act Claims for Punitive Damages, Attorneys’ Fees, and More

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March 1, 2016
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In an era of tightened credit markets, more consumers are falling prey to scams promising improved credit. Millions of dollars are lost annually by consumers trying to achieve a higher credit rating. The Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA) governs the conduct of those (including lawyers) that provide certain services— including mere promises of such services. With its fee-shifting provisions, CROA can successfully be used by consumer advocates to pursue fraudulent claims. 

What You Will Learn

  • How to spot services that fall within CROA, as well as the restrictions CROA places on companies
  • How to analyze a defendant for financial viability for purposes of bringing a suit
  • How to deal with arbitration provisions
  • How to take advantage of successful tactics and strategies used in a recent CROA trial that received a punitive damages verdict 


Nathan DeLadurantey loves litigating cases. Every case, client, and problem is like a new puzzle for him to unpack and solve. As a younger attorney, Nathan believes it is important to cultivate cases with the perspective that any case could go to trial. He is licensed to practice law in the states of Wisconsin and California, as well as multiple District courts and the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Nathan has lectured numerous times, on topics such as such as bankruptcy, credit reporting, and mortgage modifications. He has received awards from the Eastern District Bar Association for his pro bono contributions to the legal community and the Wisconsin Law Journal for his work on consumer credit cases. Together with Heidi, he recently won a federal jury trial under CROA, receiving a 37 multiplier on punitive damages!

John H. Goolsby founded the Goolsby Law Office, LLC, in 2006 after practicing consumer law elsewhere. He soon began to focus his practice on the Fair Credit Reporting Act and he is a regular speaker at NACA’s FCRA Conferences. In his FCRA practice, John has seen an increasing number of consumers who have been swindled by credit repair organizations. Recognizing the need to reign in the credit repair industry, John has now made CROA litigation a substantial part of his practice. His experience includes successfully opposing a motion to compel arbitration in a CROA case. John works and lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Heidi Miller loves settling cases. Together with Nathan, Heidi co-manages all cases from start to finish.  Heidi is licensed to practice law in the states of Wisconsin and California, as well as multiple District courts and the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. She is a contributing author for the comprehensive reference and treatise Advising Minnesota Corporations and Other Business Organizations – 2nd Edition. 

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