Turn the Coming Deluge of Post-Covid Repossessions into Class Actions that Help Borrowers Recover from Those Predatory Takings

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August 14, 2020
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TransUnion reported in June that pandemic related unemployment has led to three million auto loans being in default/deferment. NCLC has identified just five states that have pandemic moratoriums that prohibit repossessions until existing emergency orders are lifted. Although most car lenders have suspended repossessions during the pandemic, as time wears on corporate patience wears thin, waves of repossessions will inevitably follow, and without legal help people many will end up with the short end of the stick.

This webinar will describe how to use repossessing lenders’ flouting of UCC and state retail installment sales acts, combined with state UDAP remedies, to get significant money damages for a state-wide class of borrowers, wipe their credit reports clean of the deficiency and repossession blemishes, and recover attorney’s fees in the process. No class action experience is needed, sample pleadings will be provided to webinar participants, and post-webinar assistance provided with no strings attached.

What You Will Learn

  • How to identify violations of Article 9 that invalidate the deficiency
  • How to combine state retail installment sales acts provisions with UCC and UDAP remedies to maximize damages
  • How to leverage recent developments in the law, like Williams v. American Honda Finance, to strategically shorten the timeline between filing a complaint and resolving the litigation


John Roddy represents consumers in class actions challenging unfair and deceptive business practices, and serves as relator’s counsel in qui tam “whistleblower” actions. In the last two decades the settlements in cases he has litigated have returned more than $1 billion to consumers harmed by marketplace misconduct. John regularly writes and speaks on class action practice and consumer financial services law, and has published dozens of articles on these topics. He has co-chaired PLI’s Annual Consumer Financial Services Institute for the past 21 years.


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