Workflows to Automate Your Solo Practice

Webinar Date: 
June 14, 2018

Standard productivity hacks don't cut it when you alone are responsible for an entire law practice. This session will cover strategies to create repeatable, step-by-step workflows to run your business, providing several example workflows on how to automate the process of attracting and booking new clients. This webinar will have the opportunity for interaction, where attendees will also be able to ask questions or share workflows and automation techniques that are working for them. This webinar is geared to any attorney with too much to do but is especially good for solo practitioners who run the whole show.

What You Will Learn

  • How to create and implement automated workflows in your law practice to dramatically cut down on the time you spend on routine tasks
  • How to implement an example workflow that will be provided during the session, specifically an automated method for attracting and booking new clients
  • What software, techniques, and workflows your colleagues are using to enhance the productivity of their law practices


Ian Chowdhury joined the California bar in 1998. He worked for several years as a litigator at large firm and then started his own practice in 2004 defending consumers against debt collection cases. Ian has been gradually learning ever since how to build his business by thinking about it as an Internet business.


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