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NACA-NCLC Facilitator Training Program

Thursday, March 31, 2022, 1:00pm EDT

Are you interested in taking on a leadership role within NACA or NCLC? Increasingly, both organizations are looking to boost engagement through interactive, roundtable discussions that take place at in-person and online conferences and workshops.

The best roundtable or group discussion experience depends on the discussion leader. A skilled leader brings out the best in everyone in that discussion, meeting, or roundtable. You can be that leader.

Fixing the Attorney Tax Fee Problem: Practical, Litigation, and Legislative Strategies

One of NACA's top priorities continues to be changing the tax law so that consumer law attorneys’ fees are not taxable to your clients. We are always exploring new and practical ways to avoid this problem and continue our efforts to find a permanent solution through litigation and/or legislation. To that end, NACA has recently commissioned a survey about the public’s understanding of consumer protection law and the ability of consumers to obtain affordable legal help.

Modern Marketing for the Consumer Rights Lawyer: Using Podcasts, Videos and More

Finding the right clients is a challenge for all law firms and can be exceedingly difficult for consumer rights lawyers, because potential clients don’t often know they have a case or that fee shifting may allow representation to be obtained at no cost. During the COVID era, this is even more challenging—as we are relying almost entirely on digital communication to reach people. In this webinar, you will learn new ways to reach potential clients by using low cost internet and media strategies.

How to Keep the Lights On

What You Will Learn

  • Develop your practice and still have a consistent cash flow
  • How to value your cases and services


Cary Flitter is a highly respected expert in consumer law. Many of his cases have broken new ground, helping to shape the law itself and set the precedent for future decisions. ary is founding partner in Flitter Milz P.C., and a member of the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York bars.

Everything Private and Nonprofit Law Firms Need to Know to Get Their PPP Loans Forgiven

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act created several loan and grant programs to support small businesses, including law firms and 501(c)(3) nonprofits. Many of our members were fortunate to receive funds under the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and the Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program. The PPP program was designed as a forgivable loan. Join us to learn what steps you need to take to get as much of your PPP loan forgiven as possible.

What Private and Nonprofit Law Firms Need to Know about CARES Act Loans

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act designated $350 billion for small businesses and 501(c)(3) nonprofits to keep their workers employed during our current pandemic. Businesses with fewer than 500 employees, including solo practitioners, are eligible for these low-cost loans that can be converted to grants. Learn about this program and why your firm or organization should apply.

Welcome to Virtual Law Consumer Law Practice: How to Thrive While Working from Home

Firms across the nation are very suddenly learning how to work from home to protect the safety of attorneys and staff and to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Many consumer protection law firms have already been working remotely and determined that it can be more cost effective, efficient, productive, and enjoyable than operating out of a traditional office. Our firm has operated virtually for more than seven years, and this webinar will share our perspective and offer tips to firms that are suddenly forced to work from home now or in the coming days.

Developing a Private Auto Fraud Practice

Besides purchasing a home, buying a car is the biggest consumer purchase that most individuals will make in their lifetime. Today, there are there are more than 260 million registered vehicles in the United States alone. This number is only growing. The automotive industry is ripe with fraud and pitfalls for unwary consumers. Fortunately, there are several federal and state statutes that serve as tools for consumer attorneys to help rectify the wrongs in the industry and advocate for their consumers.


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