Business Development

Guerrilla Marketing in the Jungle

A consumer practice is often very different than other law business models. Therefore, the approach to marketing should be different as well. This webinar provides an overview of the basics for those that didn’t go to business school, tools to evaluate off-the-shelf marketing products and practical takeaways that can be used in their practice.

How to Jumpstart Your Practice

Whether you have been in private practice for years, or if you are just thinking about hanging your own shingle, we can all benefit from giving our careers a "jump start." We will cover an entrepreneurial angle of the practice of consumer law, including insight on creating a business plan, the basics of setting up your practice, and how to get clients.

How to Build Your Practice One Hour at a Time

If you could get paid for all the time you give away, wouldn’t you? As consumer lawyers, we often feel we have to give our time generously because our clients and potential clients are usually in terrible financial straits; but not every consumer in need of assistance is a pro bono case. This webinar will show you how to capture the income you are giving away every day from people you talk to who you’d like to help, but don’t think you can because their case isn’t “ripe,” or because they say they can’t afford to pay for your help.

Debt Defense with Peter Holland

In this 60 minute webinar, Peter covers background, insights and litigation tips for debt defense cases. Topics include: overview of debt buyer industry; Forward Flow Agreements and bank liability; current regulatory response; debt buyer default judgment business model; client intake; screening for affirmative claims; trial preparation; trial tips; essential settlement terms; and significant case law developments. A few sample pleadings will be provided. A portion of the session will be reserved for live Q and A.

Lets Get Ethical

Legal ethics is a minefield for the unwary lawyer. The program will address common ethics issues that arise in handling consumer matters, including whether one can ethically suggest that a client record telephone calls, issues raised in representing multiple consumers against a single defendant, defendants' efforts to keep information and settlement terms confidential, and ethical requirements when communicating with potential clients. In addition, the program will address recent ethics opinions that may affect consumer-litigation on both an individual and a class basis.

Networking for the Consumer Attorney

A wise lawyer friend said to me once, “I’ve gone solo but I’m not going to sit around and wait for the phone to ring.” His wife was in marketing, so he made key chains and got an 800-number and was a sponsor of rock concerts in our area, and that was great for getting the criminal law clients he was looking for. But what about the rest of us? How do we get our “message” out there, how do we let the world know about consumer law? One easy, cheap, very effective way is to network!

Everything You Need to Know About Client Intake

As the saying goes, your case is only as good as your client. And success in any FDCPA case starts with a great client intake. Asking all the right questions, at the right time, will make all the difference in the success of your FDCPA case. The right intake will also determine how much money you'll put in your pocket at the end of day. Don't shortcut the critical intake process and create nightmares down the road. Rather, learn the right way to do an intake to get great results and happy clients.


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