Evaluating Damages & Resources

Student Loans


•    Managing Federal Student Loans in Changing Times
•    How and When to Discharge Private Student Loans in Bankruptcy
•    How to become a successful Student Loan Lawyer
•    Presenting Winning Defenses in Private Student Loan Collections Actions

Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) 101


  • The Da Vinci Code—How to Read and Understand Mortgage Life of Loan Histories using Black Knight’s LoanSphere Magnified MSP
  • Reg X Claims: The Unqualified Written Request
  • RESPA 101: Drafting Effective Requests for Information and Notices of Error

Why These Videos Are Helpful

Are you interested in litigating Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) cases, as implemented through Regulation X?

Hands-On Tools for TILA Closed End Credit Cases

Consumer lawyers routinely review loans, including auto loans, payday loans, tax loans, and pawn loans. All of this paper is an opportunity: experience teaches that many loans violate the Truth in Lending Act (TILA). TILA claims can take many forms and serve many purposes, from creating powerful counterclaims in individual debt collection cases, to forming the basis for class actions. This webinar will provide hands-on tools for identifying and litigating TILA closed-end credit cases.

Consumer Class Actions


  • Nuts and Bolts: Integrating Food Law Into Your Practice
  • Introduction to Food Law and Hot Topics
  • Genesis: The Impact on Mootness and Rule 23 Cases
  • Challenges to Certifying Consumer Class Actions
  • FCRA Class Action Litigation: Overview and Recent Developments
  • FDCPA Claims as Class Actions
  • Identifying TCPA Class Actions: From Client Intake to Taking a Second Look at Your Current Caseload

Why These Videos Are Helpful

Are you a class action attorney interested in learning about new areas with which to expand

Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) 201


  • FCRA Claims against Resellers
  • FCRA Deposition Tactics and Strategies
  • Intersection between FCRA, Chapter 7, Mortgages, and Loan Modification
  • FCRA Class Action Litigation: Overview and Recent Developments
  • Don’t Make this Mistake—Accuracy: Avoiding the Landmine in FCRA Cases
  • Preparing to Beat the Credit Reporting Agencies in Summary Judgment in Federal Court
  • Preparing to Beat a Furnisher Summary Judgment Motion in Federal Court
  • Dealing with FCRA Paradigm Shifts: New Equifax Defense and COVID-19 Challenges


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