Evaluating Damages & Resources

Debt Defense 101


  • Turning Debt Defense Cases into a Consumer Practice
  • Debt Defense 101 Trial Preparation
  • Debt Defense with Peter Holland
  • Debt Collection Issues and Other Updates from the FTC

Why These Videos Are Helpful

Are you interested in developing a thriving debt defense practice? This webinar series will help you prepare a consumer debt case for trial, spot affirmative claims among your current debt cases, and litigate (from issue spotting to settlement) debt buyer cases.

Auto Fraud 101


  • Used Car Cases Can Be More Profitable Than You Think
  • Finance Company Liability in Auto Fraud Litigation
  • A Beginner's Guide to Defending a Repo Deficiency Case
  • Bad Dealers, Bad Cars—Auto Fraud Issue Spotting
  • Enhancing Your Practice: Lemon Law Webinar

Why These Videos Are Helpful

Are you new to auto fraud and want to gain a broad understanding of the major types of claims you can litigate?

Using Experts in Auto Fraud Cases

Many consumer cases are expert driven, and the court will benefit from the industry experience that a well-qualified expert can bring. Attorneys who are just developing their practice, who are not overly familiar with the auto industry, or who have had unfavorable experiences with experts from either side would benefit from the discussion. By attending, you will gain a more complete understanding of how to effectively find and utilize the skills of an auto fraud expert.

Litigating Individual and Class Actions under the TCPA: From Advertisement to Settlement

Successfully prosecuting a TCPA action involves more than simply alleging that the defendant placed an unwanted call to your client’s cell phone using an auto dialer. It begins with effective identification of your target client base. Are you marketing your services efficiently, i.e., reaching the right client? Next, are you effectively vetting potential clients and claims? Does your pre-suit investigation reveal that you have a winnable case against a solvent defendant? Careful attention to every detail is especially important in today’s uncertain legal environment.


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