Evaluating Damages & Resources

Basics of UCC Provisions


John Roddy's practice is devoted to representing consumers in class actions challenging unfair and deceptive business practices, and serving as relators' counsel in qui tam "whistleblower" actions. For his successful representation of consumers victimized by predatory business practices, John has been recognized as a Massachusetts Super Lawyer. For the past fourteen years he has co-chaired the Practising Law Institute's Annual Institute on Consumer Financial Services Litigation, held in New York and Chicago.

Litigating Identity Theft Cases under the FCRA and State Law Claims

Identity theft cases under the FCRA go well beyond the reporting and disputing process. Lawyers must dig into the actual theft and strategically conduct discovery to obtain all the good, the bad, and the ugly facts to prepare for trial. This webinar will discuss what discovery tools were used in the Kim v. BMWFS trial won by Robert Brennan and Stephanie Tatar.  They will also discuss what discovery was purposely NOT conducted in order to obtain the best result at trial.

Maximizing Damages Under the FDCPA

This webinar will cover maximizing damages under the Fair Debt Collections Act Statute, from start to finish, including finding the story of the case. An emphasis will be placed on actual damages, common law theories that help get to punitive damages, recent verdicts and awards. We’ll cover the authorities that help you establish the correct standard for determining actual damages (i.e. emotional distress) under the FDCPA, what evidence is needed to prove actual damages and punitive damages, as well as how to recover your attorney fees and costs.

FCRA FDCPA and Bankruptcy Part One

The first webinar will cover the overlap of FDCPA and Bankruptcy- both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Mr. Krumbein will be discussing a LITTLE bit about how each bankruptcy works, so some familiarity with bankruptcy is helpful. He will be focusing primarily on the substantive law of FDCPA and how it interacts with bankruptcy- some of this is doing well while doing good material ie: your client can get a free bankruptcy and you get paid for getting the money and the bankruptcy.

A Beginner’s Guide to FDCPA Cases

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is one of the most consumer-friendly statutes out there. And, with about one in seven consumers in the U.S. currently subject to collection by third party debt collectors, the potential harvest of FDCPA claims is plentiful. Learn the basics of the FDCPA so that you can spot potential claims and help consumers.

FCRA, FDCPA and Bankruptcy Part 3

Part 3 will cover the overlap of FCRA and the additional complexity of Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Mr. Krumbein will be discussing slightly more of the process of Chapter 13 and then go into the substantive law including the Bk D. Wisc. Case on correct credit reporting while in bankruptcy, and the VERY bad cases on credit reporting as a discharge violation- Helmes (Bk EDVA) and Mahoney (BK, WDTX). He will also briefly discuss the good case- Torres (Bk, SDNY). This is more about technical accuracy and less about the litigation and law.

Enhancing Your Practice: Lemon Law Webinar


Scott R. Kaufman has been licensed by the CA Bar since November of 1997, representing individuals in their disputes with businesses since 2003. He’s worked on well over 1,000 cases and achieved a positive outcome for the client in virtually all of them. Mr. Kaufman is a former member of the Southern California advanced litigation chapter of the “Inn of Court.” Pursuant to that membership he’s organized and taught multiple California certified Mandatory Continuing Legal Education classes.

Advanced Lemon Law

Come hear two of NACA’s most knowledgeable members in Lemon Law, Ron Burdge and Scott Kaufman, go beyond the basics and delve into the heart of Lemon Law. This webinar will take you further than the fundamentals. This webinar will address ways to incorporate Lemon Law into your practice, what “substantial impairment” really means, lemon law presumptions, warranties, remedies, and much more. Learn how to make lemonade for you and your client!


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