Strategy: Structuring and Plotting the Case

FDCPA Claims Based on Interest

FDCPA and collection defense practitioners regularly see collection letters, complaints, judgments, and post-judgment execution attempts that seek collection on purported interest. In many instances, these charges are unlawful and can provide the basis for successful FDCPA claims. This webinar will explore how to respond to various types of interest-related violations and relevant case law and how to vet claims and avoid common pitfalls.

Time-Barred Debt Cases under the FDCPA after Midland Funding v. Johnson (U.S. 2017)

This webinar will focus on time-barred debts and the impact of the Midland Funding v. Johnson ruling. The Supreme Court’s May 2017 decision in Midland Funding v. Johnson, 2017 WL 2039159 (U.S. May 15, 2017) put to rest questions about claims under the FDCPA for creditors’ pursuit of time-barred debt in both the bankruptcy and civil arenas.

This webinar will give bankruptcy and consumer lawyers an overview of this important decision and of what types of time-barred debt claims will have the best chance of success moving forward.

Consumer Defense Clinics: Building a Courthouse Clinic from the Ground Up

More than two-thirds of litigants in civil debt collection cases in the U.S. go through the court process unrepresented. As a result, many unrepresented consumers do not know how to defend themselves and often receive judgments for debts that have viable defenses or counter-claims. The key to addressing this problem is collaboration between pro bono providers, the judiciary, and private consumer attorneys.

Practice Tips for Litigating Regulation X Cases

Now that HAMP has expired, it is more important than ever to utilize the provisions of Regulation X to ensure that servicers provide your clients with timely, thorough evaluations for all loss mitigation options. Regulation X has important protections in place for your clients in seeking options to save their homes. These actively litigated protections provide specific details and requirements a borrower must follow to eventually be entitled to relief if a servicer fails to comply.

Emerging Issues in NCSLT Litigation

In recent years, litigation brought by the National Collegiate Student Loan Trusts (NCSLT) has become an epidemic. Defending these cases can be fun and rewarding. Often, consumers are faced with a lawsuit for tens of thousands of dollars on a loan they barely remember, from a trust they have never heard from. The deficiencies in the collectors’ proof have been well documented. 

Fighting Reverse Mortgages

Although recent law changes have made reverse mortgages less potentially catastrophic for seniors, these financial products remain problematic. Older adults will continue to struggle to keep their homes, especially as the baby boomer population ages. As long as reverse mortgages exist, attorneys will be needed to fight abusive practices. This webinar is geared to attorneys with an intermediate knowledge of foreclosures who are seeking to understand how to handle reverse mortgage cases.


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