Strategy: Structuring and Plotting the Case

Reseller Liability: Consumers’ Rights and Remedies under the FCRA

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) applies to consumer reporting agencies (CRAs), which includes resellers. Attendees will learn about consumers’ FCRA rights and remedies against resellers. Attendees will also learn how to issue spot for potential reseller cases and how to litigate against resellers. The presentation will discuss discovery tactics in reseller cases and litigation strategy.

Bankruptcy for Consumer Litigators: What You Should Know When a Bankruptcy Interrupts Your Case

Bankruptcy is a confusing, rule driven area of law. It’s also an area most civil litigators know little about. In this webinar, we will discuss ways to protect yourself and your client when a bankruptcy is threatened, or even when a bankruptcy stops your case short. You’ll learn what to do to preserve your clients’ claims and your attorney’s fees, as well as how to navigate unfamiliar waters confidently when your practice intersects with bankruptcy law.

What You Will Learn

Spotting Viable Impermissible Pull Claims under the FCRA

Many consumers feel growing concern about their privacy.   As news stories on data breaches emerge almost weekly, consumers are anxious about which of their information is out there and who can see it.  An increasing number of consumers closely monitor their credit report to find out who is looking at their credit.  This webinar will teach lawyers to identify when access to a consumer’s credit report is permissible and when such access gives rise to claims under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Internet Lending: Issue Spotting

As of September 2016, more than 75 percent of Americans lived paycheck to paycheck. Many turn to online lending to cover unexpected costs. Pew Charitable Trusts found that online payday loans are “designed to promote renewals and long-term indebtedness,” and that these loans often “result in unauthorized withdrawals, disclosure of personal information, and threats against borrowers.”

Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) 101


  • The Da Vinci Code—How to Read and Understand Mortgage Life of Loan Histories using Black Knight’s LoanSphere Magnified MSP
  • Reg X Claims: The Unqualified Written Request
  • RESPA 101: Drafting Effective Requests for Information and Notices of Error

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