NACA Urges Congress to Vote in Favor of the Forced Arbitration Injustice Repeal Act

Publish Date: 
September 17, 2019

NACA to Congress: The Forced Arbitration Injustice Repeal Act would bar forced arbitration from deciding the outcome of consumer, civil rights, employment, or antitrust violations. It would restore to harmed consumers and workers the right to choose to go to court before a judge and jury when they are financially or physically harmed. Congress should pass this bill.

NACA in the News: Chase says arbitration 'provides better outcomes' for consumers. Nope, say researchers

Release Date: 
June 5, 2019

Los Angeles Times, Chase says arbitration 'provides better outcomes' for consumers. Nope, say researchers.

“The forced arbitration system is simply rigged,” said Christine Hines, legislative director for the National Assn. of Consumer Advocates.

Public Citizen and NACA Report: In Wake of AT&T v. Concepcion Decision, Consumers are Worse Off

Release Date: 
April 25, 2012

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In the year since the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion, consumers regularly have been blocked from pursuing class-action cases, a report issued today by Public Citizen and the National Association of Consumer Advocates (NACA) reveals.

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