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NACA in the News: Equifax Data Breach Highlights Regulatory Shortfall

Release Date: 
September 8, 2017

Law360, Equifax Data Breach Highlights Regulatory Shortfall
"We hope that all members of Congress can stand up for the rights of those 143 million people, as opposed to entertaining the interest of Equifax and the credit reporting companies," said Christine Hines of the National Association of Consumer Advocates.

Post-Equifax Breach, NACA Urges Senate Committee to Support Strong Consumer Protections

Publish Date: 
October 3, 2017

NACA submitted a letter to the U.S. Senate Banking Committee to share its views for the Oct. 4 hearing on the Equifax cybersecurity breach. The Equifax breach is an object lesson on the consequences of a powerful entity that lacks adequate controls and incentive to act responsibly and in good faith in the marketplace.

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