NACA Staff

NACA Staff and What They Do

Ira Rheingold

Executive Director
Press inquiries should be directed to Ira. You can reach Ira by email or by phone at 202.452.1989, ext. 101.

Angelica Reynolds

Office Manager
Angelica is responsible for the day-to-day operations at NACA. She handles NACA’s human resources, finances, general administration, and contracted IT. Angelica works to streamline NACA’s internal processes to maximize resources to support the association's mission. You can reach Angelica by email or by phone at 202.452.1989, ext. 100.

Christine Hines

Legislative Director
Christine advocates before Congress and federal administrative agencies on consumer protection, including financial services and access to justice. She is actively engaged in promoting a fair and open marketplace that protects the rights of consumers, particularly those of modest means. You can reach Christine by email or by phone at 202.452.1989, ext. 109.

Leslie Taylor

Senior Director of Membership & Communications
Leslie works with members to build and enhance the NACA community and brand. She ensures that member services and professional development offerings are providing opportunities for members to engage with the association and grow professionally, and meeting the needs of the field. Leslie is also responsible for the association's marketing and communications. She works to grow NACA and the brand by seeking partners, identifying alternative sources of funding, creating opportunities to attract new members, and marketing the services of NACA members to consumers. You can reach Leslie by email or by phone at 202.452.1989, ext. 104.

Lisa Myers

Manager of Membership & Communications
Lisa is responsible for recruiting new members and ensuring that current members are receiving a high level of customer service and taking full advantage of their NACA membership. She is also responsible for the association's digital communications and communities. Whenever you have questions or concerns about your NACA membership, Lisa is the person who can best help you. You can reach Lisa by email or by phone at 202.452.1989, ext. 102.

Rebecca Smolar

Associate Director of Education
Rebecca is responsible for partnering with NACA members to develop and strengthen NACA’s education and training offerings and to ensure that members are kept abreast of trends in the field. These offerings include the annual conference, webinars, and member resources. She also works to provide resources that are geared to the general public, including Americans serving in the armed services. Members are encouraged to share training suggestions with Rebecca by email or by phone at 202.452.1989 ex. 105.

Sophia Huang

Legislative and Policy Assistant
Sophia serves as the liaison between NACA members and the legislative team, working with them on national and local issues. She also works on outreach to consumers (Consumers Ascending) and to law students. She can be reached by email or by phone at 202.452.1989, ext. 110.