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Now that it has a director, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau can begin writing and enforcing rules for a wide range of financial service providers that have been largely unregulated at the federal level.

The bureau, created by the Dodd-Frank Act, has had authority to...

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 Using data from reports filed by the American Arbitration Association (AAA) pursuant to California Code requirements, this article examines outcomes of employment arbitration.

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  Source: Bob Sullivan, Business News

When is a grace period not really a grace period? When you have to pay a $6 fee for using it.

Some Bank of America mortgage customers will receive an unwelcome Valentine's Day gift when the bank's policy for...

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Source: Dina El Boghdady and Anana Eunjung Cha, The Washington Post

Ally Financial, one of the nation's largest lenders, said Tuesday that it is withdrawing all of its foreclosures in Maryland that were approved by employee Jeffrey Stephan, the "robo-signer" who...

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 The West Virginia Consumer Credit and Protection Act Provides Consumers with a cause of actuin against any person violating prohibited debt collection practices. Any ambiguity in the remedies provisions must be resolved in favor of providing consumers with a cause of action.

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Why do consumers carry a credit card balance when they know they shouldn't? Commentator Ira Rheingold says when it comes to money, knowledge won't guarantee you'll make smart financial moves.
Ira Rheingold is...

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Yet another nightmare story has emmerged involving a mistaken foreclosure. Bank of America reportedly put a Connecticut family's home in foreclosure despite the fact that the couple never missed a payment -- and was actually in the process of...

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Source: National Mortgage Professional Magazine

In response to proposed changes to home lending rules from the Federal Reserve Board (FRB) that not only exceed its authority, but could actually encourage predatory lending targeted at the elderly, a group of consumer advocates...

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Source: Jessica Silver-Greenberg,

Glynis Martin, a 56-year-old New York social worker, started struggling to keep up with her credit-card bills about five years ago as the mortgage on her Bronx apartment ate up most of her paycheck.

Pretty soon debt-collection calls became...

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Source: Danny Jacobs, Daily Record Legal Affairs Writer

Patience is a necessity for the consumer class-action lawyer. Cases lasting years are the norm, and discovery can involve a warehouse full of documents. Then there are the defendants, who can be the biggest names in industry.