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CFPB Debt Collection Rule a Mixed Bag for Consumers 

One-Third of U.S. Adults with a Credit Report Have Debt in Collection

Washington, D.C. - The National Consumer Law Center, on behalf of...

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The New York Times, Help! My Travel Agency Shut Down and I'm Out $2000.

"'In general, when a company goes into bankruptcy, basically it...

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Next Avenue, How Reverse Mortgages Backfire in Low-Income, Minority Neighborhoods.

"'We live in a world where [reverse mortgages work] for a small group of...

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Next Advisor, Follow This Golden Rule of Credit Cards to Make Them Work For You.

"Using a credit card is essentially getting a loan from the bank, says Ira Rheingold...

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Marketplace, It's getting a lot easier to pay in installments.

"Maurie Backman, who authored the report, said the two most popular reasons were to avoid...