NACA Education Committee Opens to New Members and Refocuses

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NACA’s Education Committee is currently accepting new committee members.  NACA’s Education Committee formed more than two years ago.  From its inception, the committee’s mission has been to provide NACA members with the learning opportunities they need to reach their potential as successful consumer advocates.  Since its founding, the committee’s focus has grown and changed.  As NACA’s webinar program grew from a pilot program two and a half years ago to at least one webinar per week , the committee’s vision has also expanded.

The committee has helped to develop the concept of NACA’s webinar program as one which offers members a wide range of legal substance subjects and professional development forums.  The committee has helped to shape the current webinar schedule, where we aim to cover webinars on legal substance, trial practice, hot topics in policy and case-law, and business-pragmatics subject-matter. Within the category of substantive consumer law webinars, the committee has helped to flesh out a diverse roster that includes FCRA, FDCPA, Auto Fraud, Foreclosure and Mortgages, TILA, TCPA, Arbitration, the UCC, Class-Actions, and more.

Last year, the committee also provided the necessary feedback to develop two new “tracks” for our webinars.  Up until that point, NACA had primarily been creating webinars aimed at NACA members in private practice.  With the committee’s help, this year we are launching a track of “Free Public-Interest” webinars on a wide variety of topics relevant to legal services and non-profit sector advocates.  NACA is also in the process of launching a track of free webinars for prospective NACA members, such as law students, legal assistants, and new attorneys.  This track of webinars will feature well known NACA attorneys providing advice on consumer law basics within a specific field, as well as the resources and benefits NACA provides for consumer law beginners.

We are currently seeking both new and veteran NACA members interested in the educational future of NACA to consider joining the newly named Education and Outreach Committee.  The Education and Outreach Committee (EOC) will continue the work it has undertaken for the last two years, but with greater involvement, authority and purpose.  The EOC will play an integral role in shaping the 2014 NACA webinar schedule for members, prospective members, and legal services attorneys. It will also help us cultivate a wider audience and develop NACA’s educational brand, so any NACA members with marketing know-how are especially encouraged to join.  Please contact Chelsea Langston at for more information.