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Guest post by Scott Hardy of Top Class Actions

How does Top Class Actions practice the highest standards in advertising ethics?

In a phrase, we aim for transparency and follow guidelines set forth by storytelling communities and legal communities.

Top Class Actions has such a large and engaged audience that we’re able to find qualified plaintiffs and claimants for many class action lawsuits and mass tort lawsuits. It’s what we do. And what we do makes Top Class Actions a perfect partner for many lawyers and law firms that need help locating the right people.

The millions of readers who visit our site each year, some of whom become connected to ongoing cases, trust Top Class Actions to report fairly on class action news. They also trust us not to promote a lawyer or law firm on our website. Top Class Actions follows the strictest ethical codes for journalism and legal services.

It’s not because we don’t like the lawyers and law firms we work with. We love our clients! I call many of them close personal friends! No, it’s because it’s in their best interest to work with a reputable operation like Top Class Actions.

The American Bar association gives guidelines about this very issue in Rule 7.2, and it states that “a lawyer may pay others for generating client leads, such as Internet-based client leads, as long as the lead generator does not recommend the lawyer.”

What is ethics, if not following the rules? We follow this practice explicitly, which is a boon for lawyers because they can count on us to help them live up to the highest ethical standards.

Ultimately, it’s the lawyers and law firms that are responsible for following the Bar Association’s guidelines, but we like to make it easy by being more than willing to lift up the hood on our operation and show how the engine works.

That’s a significant step, but we like to go further than the Bar Association’s recommendations, however, and aim for complete transparency. Top Class Actions considers its work part of the public good. Our tagline is “Helping Right Consumer Wrongs,” after all, which puts us in the same arena as newspapers and television. We’re journalists.

Because we trade in information, we make it our goal to be as transparent as possible with our audiences about where the information comes from. Our facts are checked and our sources are vetted to the utmost standards.

No confusion exists for our readers about why they have come to Top Class Actions. Most come for the headlines, tens of thousands actively engage with our clients every month. Many find out that they’re among the very people that have been taken advantage of by corporations and government programs.

These readers fill out detailed forms and are guided through the process of joining a lawsuit investigation or a settlement claim with 100% transparency. Top Class Actions takes care to be open with its readers and its clients about what it means to qualify for a serious legal process.

That’s our real aim. Honesty and transparency.

Our company values of Love, Trust, and Excellence demand that we honor these ideals to the highest degree.

So when people ask about Top Class Actions, they can be sure we are aiming high and doing it right. We keep it simple and clear in order to help justice be served.

Scott Hardy has been in the tech industry for thirty years and was on the internet before the World Wide Web even existed. Scott’s taken this experience and rolled it into Top Class Actions, which he started in 2008. Now Top Class Actions is the world’s most popular website for consumers to find lawsuits and settlements they can participate in, garnering a reach of 6 million monthly who submit tens of thousands of leads every single month to law firms across the country. 

Scott continues to transform the world of class action lawsuit settlement notification and class action lawsuit advertising by implementing new and innovative ways to connect consumers to class action settlements and attorneys who can provide the legal help they need.