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In Gideon v. Wainwright, 372 U.S. 335 (1963), the Supreme Court held that criminal defendants have a right to counsel under the Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments. No such right exists for low income persons in civil proceedings (with few exceptions), therefore the goal of Civil Gideon must be met by state and federal funding of counsel for low income individuals.

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It is very possible that the used car dealer lied to you about your vehicle's history.  

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The Penguin was turned loose by Google. That's bad news for some lawyer websites - but also a golden opportunity for many others.

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Yesterday the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in American Express Co. v. Italian Colors Restaurant delivered a devastating blow to small businesses, consumers and employees. In a 5-3 opinion, the Supreme Court held that corporations can force arbitration on small businesses and individuals...

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Many people suffer unnecessarily for years with incredible loads of debt, which can be enforced and collected by a court judgment. Not only should people not bear such a burden for many years, but long delays by the consumer can limit helpful options. This posting will explain what delays are a...

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Can debt collectors require consumers who wish to dispute a debt to provide the debt collector a written dispute so that consumers who dispute verbally cannot enforce their rights?  The answer might depend upon where the consumer files their lawsuit.

In Hooks v. Forman, Holt,

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This past weekend (May 30th-June 1st) in Austin, TX, NACA hosted around 110 members for the 2013 Fair Credit Reporting Act Conference. Held over 2.5 days, the conference featured a number of informative sessions taught by the leaders in the field, a NACA sponsored  wine and beer reception,...

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As an identity theft lawyer, I have heard accounts from individuals who fall prey to various scams. One of the most widely-spread scams plays out similarly to this: Imagine that you are at home, and a stranger comes to your door. The stranger says that you’ve been chosen, and asks for you to immediately provide your bank account information so that he can wire millions of dollars to your account that same day, for safekeeping. Would you do it?

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Recent research by the Insight Center for Community Economic Development studied the impact of payday lending in the U.S. and found the practice cost the economy nearly $1 billion in 2011, equivalent to the net loss of nearly 14,000 jobs nationwide. California, Texas, and Illinois were among the...