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Written by NACA member Ron Wilcox

Working with NACA attorney Ben Dupre and Berkeley’s East Bay Community Law Center, my firm recently received a $1.1 million award in a case where a disabled man’s Social Security benefits were stolen when he was a victim of Identity...

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Written by Christine Hines, Legislative Director

This Congress continues to let its friends in the financial industry have their way at the expense of American consumers.

The ...

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Each year, over one million motor vehicles are repossessed from consumers who became delinquent in their payments to a lender who holds a purchase money security interest in the motor vehicle.

Section 9-503 of the Uniform Commercial Code authorizes secured lenders to seize possession of...

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It is very possible that the used car dealer lied to you about your vehicle's history.  

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Dealers should not be allowed to impose higher interest rates than necessary on consumers

March 22, 2013

Yesterday the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced it would hold banks and other lenders liable for any auto loans in their portfolio that are...

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Posted on October 15, 2012 by Dana Manner

After a year-long investigation into auto fraud by the Florida Department of    Law Enforcement, 9 suspects (including a Miami Beach police officer) were  arrested last month on September 7, 2012   related to a scheme to...

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All Defendants are required to agree to all of the following before a defense vehicle inspection will be scheduled. 

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We get a lot of calls every day from consumers who are having problems with vehicles. The defects vary anywhere from trim falling off to more.

From time to time we notice an increase in complaints about a particular make or model and recently it happened again.

The Dodge Journey'...

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Here's another one minute video on how to spot a car that was wrecked and repaired - before you buy it. Some car dealers don't tell you all they know, like the fact that a car was wrecked and repaired. And that can make for thousands of dollars difference in the value of the car. Don't let a car dealer rip you off. Before you buy that used car, check it over carefully so you don't waste your money.

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If an auto dealer sold you a lemon, would you purchase another car from the same dealer?