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July 25, 2017 | Filed under: Forced Arbitration | Tagged with: CFPB

NACA submitted a letter to the U.S. House of Representatives urging opposition to H.J. Res. 111, a resolution under the Congressional Review Act (CRA) that would repeal the arbitration rule issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (bureau). H.J. Res. 111 would give the financial sector a pass to once again take away Americans’ legal rights that the bureau has rightfully restored.

July 18, 2017 | Filed under: Other Areas of Interest | Tagged with: FTC

NACA joined other consumer organizations to express strong opposition to an amendment offered by Congressman Moolenaar that was included in the FY18 Financial Services and General Government Appropriations bill. This amendment, based on the “Anti-Pyramid Scheme Promotion Act of 2016,” would rob the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) of its ability to protect consumers from all but the most egregiously fraudulent pyramid schemes.

July 5, 2017 | Filed under: Other Areas of Interest | Tagged with: budget

NACA joined hundreds of organizations on a letter urging Congress to oppose any FY 2018 appropriations bills which include ideological policy riders. Appropriations bills have been used before to undermine essential safeguards through “policy riders” – provisions that address extraneous policy issues, and are slipped into appropriations bills to win approval as part of must-pass funding legislation. Contentious poison pill riders are intended to advance the priorities of special interest donors and supporters and should not be included in funding bills.

June 19, 2017 | Filed under: Other Areas of Interest | Tagged with: legal services

The National Association of Consumer Advocates strongly supports Legal Services Corporation’s (LSC) funding request. There is no question that LSC deserves full funding to assist its independent legal aid organizations across the country that provide a wide range of civil legal services for more than 60 million Americans. 

June 19, 2017 | Filed under: Automobiles

There is a large and unjustified discrepancy between the rights and protections provided to Massachusetts consumers who purchase motor vehicles and those who lease. Courts have remarked upon the inherent unfairness of denying these protections to Massachusetts lease
consumers. Massachusetts bill (S.B. 127) would impose no new obligations on dealers or finance companies other than what currently exists for consumer motor vehicle sales or is required by federal law.

June 12, 2017 | Filed under: Other Areas of Interest | Tagged with: civil justice

NACA joins consumer, health, legal and public interest groups to strongly oppose H.R. 1215: The “Protecting Access to Care Act of 2017.” This bill would limit the legal rights of injured patients and families of those killed by negligent health care. The bill’s sweeping scope covers not only cases involving medical malpractice, but also cases involving unsafe drugs and nursing home abuse and neglect.

June 7, 2017 | Filed under: Other Areas of Interest | Tagged with: CFPB

NACA urges U.S. House members to vote NO on the Financial CHOICE Act of 2017 (H.R. 10). The bill would dismantle the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, passed in 2010 to remedy the flaws in the U.S. economic system that invited reckless conduct and ushered in the 2008 Great Recession. In particular,  NACA urges rejection of the dangerous sections of the bill that aim to sabotage the work and mission of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

May 23, 2017 | Filed under: Other Areas of Interest | Tagged with: CFPB, Remittance

NACA joins public interest organizations in response to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's Request for Information on the 
assessment plan of the Remittance Rule.

May 19, 2017 | Filed under: Credit Reporting | Tagged with: CFPB

NACA joins organizations on submitted comments to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to discuss risks and benefits of alternative data in the credit process. 

May 4, 2017 | Filed under: Other Areas of Interest | Tagged with: auto, CFPB, credit, mortgages

NACA joins public interest organizations on written comments responding to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s proposal to align the requirements of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) with the data collection requirements of the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA).