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Missed the 2022 Spring Training? You can now get access to all the PowerPoint presentations and handouts for the conference. You will have access to materials from all three tracks.

What You Will Learn (FCRA Track)

  • How to determine the ways in which Ramirez has changed the FCRA practice
  • How to build spot and litigate ID theft cases
  • How to take advantage of the tools the consumer law community provides to develop a successful FCRA practice

What You Will Learn (Auto Track)

  • How to spot and litigate lemon law cases, including Mag Moss claims
  • How to spot and litigate dealer fraud cases
  • How to spot and litigate falsified credit application cases

What You Will Learn (Case Valuation and Damages Track)

  • How to address damages and case valuation throughout the life cycle of the case
  • Hot to develop strategies to address damages prior to filing and during trial
  • How to plan your case to receive damages