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NACA is continuing its Ask the Expert webinar series with two of the nation’s top FCRA advocates: Leonard Bennett and Chi Chi Wu. Do you have an FCRA practice, or are you considering adding FCRA to your practice areas? This is your opportunity to advance your FCRA practice with questions and answers about FCRA claims, law, valuations and litigation. Chi Chi and Len will be available for an hour-and-a-half online question and answer session on all topics related to the FCRA.

We welcome questions in advance. Please note there will be no written materials associated with this webinar, so there will be no CLEs awarded for attendance. Please send questions to [email protected]

Leonard Bennett has been an FCRA litigator for over 20 years and has successfully brought cases with his firm and with co-counsel in nearly every state in the nation. His recoveries are consistently amongst the largest in the field. Len has successfully tried both individual and class FCRA cases to a jury, and has been lead counsel in the majority of multi-million dollar FCRA class outcomes.

Chi Chi Wu is a senior staff attorney at NCLC and leading expert on fair credit reporting issues. She also focuses on credit cards, tax-consumer issues, and medical debt. Chi Chi is lead author of the seminal treatise in this field, Fair Credit Reporting Act and a contributing author to Collection Actions, Consumer Credit Regulation, and Truth in Lending.

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