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This webinar will discuss how to defend a consumer debt collection case at trial. It will first very briefly review the information, documents, and testimony you should optimally obtain in discovery for a typical collection defense case. It will then give an introductory-level overview of motions in limine, trial supoenas, evidence format and presentation, stipulations, opening statement and closing argument, cross examination of the plaintiff’s witnesses, and directed verdict motions/renewed motions. This webinar assumes that the attendee already has a basic understanding of contract law and available defenses to a debt collection action.


Suzanne Begnoche represents plaintiffs in matters involving identity theft, security breaches, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act, and North Carolina’s fair debt collection laws. She also handles collection defense cases. Prior to going into private practice, she was a staff attorney handling consumer matters at Legal Aid of North Carolina. She is a past Chair of the North Carolina Advocates for Justice’s Consumer Areas of Practice Section. She is also an active member of the National Association of Consumer Advocates and the North Carolina Bar Association’s Bankruptcy Section. She is a graduate of Duke University and the University of North Carolina School of Law.