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Learn what information you can get from dealer-management systems and third parties

Known nationwide as a leading Lemon Law attorney, Ronald L. Burdge has represented thousands of consumers in “lemon” vehicle lawsuits and actively co-counsels and coaches other consumer law attorneys on how to win their cases.

For over eighteen years, founder Christine A. Ferraris has worked relentlessly in the legal arena to help those hurt by fraud. As a business owner herself for most of those eighteen years, she understands the challenges small-business owners face.

Scarlett Steuart is an associate attorney at the Burdge Law Office in Dayton, OH. Scarlett joined Burdge Law Office in 2016 to combine two of her passions: helping people and cars. She has represented consumers across the country in breach of warranty and auto sales fraud cases. Scarlett has co-authored the chapter of the Baldwin’s Ohio Consumer Law Handbook on arbitration since 2018. The Baldwin’s Ohio Consumer Law Handbook is widely considered to be the leading authority on consumer law in Ohio. Scarlett has also been lead counsel on eight jury trials and arbitrations within the past five years involving auto fraud claims. Scarlett comes from a family of car enthusiasts. When she was young, Scarlett enjoyed helping her father work on the family car in the driveway. On ”bring your daughter to work” day, she learned to wet sand and prepare a vehicle to be painted. These days, Scarlett enjoys working on and driving her 1965 Chevrolet Corvair.