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  • Discovering Evidence in Credit Reporting Cases
  • How Much FCRA Cases Are Worth
  • Find FCRA Cases within Your Current Client Pool and Spot FCRA Violations
  • Identifying 1681e(b) Claims and Knowing when/if to Dispute with the CRAs
  • Identifying Claims against Furnishers
  • Setting up your FCRA Case for Success
  • Settlement: When to Hold Em and When to Fold Em
  • Spotting Viable Impermissible Pull Claims under the FCRA

Why These Videos Are Helpful

Interested in adding FCRA to your firm? This beginner series will introduce you to the nuts and bolts of litigating FCRA claims. You will learn how to spot and investigate claims, conduct effect discovery, value your cases appropriately, settle your cases for what they are worth, and figure out the types of claims you should be bringing as a beginner practitioner.

What You Will Learn

  • How to identify the evidence you need to win your case
  • How to value your FCRA claims
  • How to value cases and negotiate effectively
  • How to recognize furnisher claims
  • How to recognize violations of the FCRA for unpermitted access to a consumer report


Micah Adkins focuses on the representation of consumers who have credit or background report errors under the FCRA. He maintains offices in Dallas, Houston, Birmingham, and Nashville.

Leonard A. Bennett, a founding partner, has been a trial attorney and consumer advocate since 1994 in Newport News, Virginia. He has litigated individual and class cases throughout the country, bringing as many credit reporting cases before a jury as nearly anyone in the nation and has been approved as Class Counsel in numerous class action cases.

Robert Brennan began his career in civil litigation in 1988 and opened his own law firm, The Law Offices of Robert F. Brennan APC, in 1991. The firm specializes in litigating cases related to violations of consumer protection laws, including unfair and abusive debt collection, lemon law, automotive dealer fraud, wrongful credit report damage, and identity theft cases.

Penny Hays Cauley has been representing consumers for twenty years. In 2006, she opened Hays Cauley, P.C., a law firm dedicated to representing consumers, with a particular focus in fair credit reporting, fair debt collection practices, and TCPA claims.

David Chami is a trial attorney and managing partner of the consumer litigation department at the Price Law Group. In 2017, David filed a consumer class action against Experian under 1681e(b) for their failure to accurately report the status of judgements on consumer credit reports in Arizona.

Asa C. Edwards is admitted to practice in the state and federal courts of North Carolina. His practice is dedicated to protecting consumers against illegal debt collection and credit reporting.

James A. Francis is a partner at Francis and Mailman. He has focused his practice in consumer protection litigation, with particular concentrations in fair credit reporting, fair debt collection practices, and consumer class actions.

John H. Goolsby is the owner of the Goolsby Law Office, LLC, in Minneapolis, MN. After several years of representing consumers in many different kinds of consumer law cases, John Goolsby began in 2007 to focus his practice almost exclusively on FCRA lawsuits.

Ian Leavengood is the founding and managing shareholder at LeavenLaw and is dedicated to serving consumers throughout the State of Florida. Ian manages the Firm and chairs its Consumer Law, Class Action, and Worker’s Compensation departments.

Jared Lee is the Managing Partner at Jackson Lee. Today he is recognized throughout the country as a top consumer protection attorney, serving in leadership roles for National Association of Consumer Advocates and The Florida Bar.

Robert S. Sola has his own practice in Portland, Oregon, where he has been handling Fair Credit Reporting Act cases since 1996. Mr. Sola enjoys taking FCRA cases to trial and has obtained jury verdicts against all three major credit reporting agencies.

A.J. Stecklein, in his practice, Stecklein and Rapp, has turned to helping consumers who fall victim to dishonest businesses, including matters of creditor and debt collector harassment.

Stephanie Tatar gained extensive litigation and appellate experience before opening her own firm, The Tatar Law Firm. During her career, she has successfully fought debt collectors, credit reporting agencies, creditors, manufacturers, and car dealers, achieving success at every level.

Lisa Schifferle is an attorney in the FTC’s Division of Consumer & Business Education. At the FTC, she regularly speaks on identity theft and senior scams, training advocates across the country.

Subhan Tariq regularly has successfully helped thousands of consumers exercise their consumer rights against large institutional banks, debt collectors, and consumer reporting agencies.

Michael Waller is a litigator in the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, focusing on illegal data selling, unauthorized billing scams, and labeling rules for alternative fuels.