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There are 1.6 trillion dollars in outstanding student loans in the U.S. that affect forty-four million Americans. As attorneys, we need to have a basic knowledge of how to assist our clients in the handling of this type of debt and how to best explain options.

The student loan problem is often very confusing and misunderstood by the student loan borrower as well as the public in general. The student loan debt problem is multi-generational, and potential clients are present in all age groups.

This webinar is particularly relevant for private practitioners who advise consumers, consumer advocates, bankruptcy attorneys, and debt defense attorneys.

What You Will Learn

  • How to identify a student loan problem from your current client list
  • What options exist for resolution of the debt
  • How to monetize a student loan case
  • How to promote your student loan niche


D.J. Rausa is a bankruptcy and student loan lawyer. Upon graduating from high school, Mr. Rausa enlisted in the United States Navy. He served two Tours of Duty from 1975 until 1983, after which time he was Honorably Discharged. Mr. Rausa graduated from San Diego City College with two associate degrees. He received his law degree from Western Sierra Law School in 1989. He has specialized in bankruptcy law for over twenty-seven years. Mr. Rausa is knowledgeable about the laws that govern how student loans are processed and the policies implemented under the Higher Education Act. He is well versed in the Code of Federal Regulations that govern the student loan servicers and their collection agencies. He has integrated and monetized student loan debt resolution into his consumer bankruptcy practice since 2014. Mr. Rausa has recently relocated to the greater Nashville area and practices bankruptcy and student loan law in the Middle District of Tennessee.