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This webinar will cover the variety of social marketing options available to you as a legal professional. If you are a beginner or intermediate-level marketer, are an attorney who wants to understand the options, or have an advanced understanding of marketing but want to confirm you aren’t missing anything, this webinar is for you!

What You Will Learn

  • What the key ingredients are to a successful social marketing campaign
  • What the requirements and risks are of marketing on such platforms as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc.

The agenda for this webinar includes:

1. Intro to social marketing—ten minutes about the true definition of social marketing, which platforms are good or bad for attorneys, and how to select a platform

2. Facebook dos and don’ts—ten minutes

3. Twitter—five minutes

4. Other social platforms (LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc.)—ten minutes

5. Marketing commitment, time, money, resource equation—five minutes

6. Best practices for social marketing and bar compliance—ten minutes

7. Q&A—ten minutes


Jeffrey Cohen is an accomplished entrepreneur, senior executive, and c-suite officer, having most recently co-founded Start The Startup, a Las Vegas-based accelerator. He also serves as a director for a charitable organization that provides housing, health, and education for low-income and underprivileged individuals. Mr. Cohen also currently serves on the board of directors for several international companies and is a co-founder of Student Loan Toolbox, which helps attorneys market themselves and add student loan law to their practice. He has worked for such czars of business as Larry Geisel and Carl Icahn, assisting with startups, turn-arounds, reorganizations, M&A, and global expansions, holding a variety of roles from department manager to CEO. As part of Start The Startup, he works with many solopreneurs and small businesses helping them to understand the landscape of their industry and how to market. As part of Student Loan Toolbox, he advises, consults, and markets for more than 500 law firms around the country. Mr. Cohen enjoys travel and sharing his business and personal experiences with people. As a visually impaired person since birth, Jeffrey involves himself with assisting people with disabilities in all aspects of life and business.

Josh Cohen started his legal career in October 2008, when he passed the bar and founded his own firm. Through his law school experience, he had worked for both legal aid and a private firm doing consumer protection work. Once on his own, he continued with consumer protection but quickly began a niche in student loan work. With nine months of opening his firm, he filed his first-class action against the student loan industry. His practice helps students maneuver the rocky terrain of student loans, including understanding how to get loans out of default, how to obtain affordable payment plans, defending student loan collection lawsuits, bringing affirmative claims for violation of student loan law, and discharging loans through bankruptcy adversary proceedings. In addition to helping borrowers, Josh also helps attorneys. His Student Loan Law Workshop, a two-day intensive workshop teaching attorneys how to incorporate student loan law into their existing practice, is now in it’s 11th year. Josh is also a co-creator of software that helps attorneys better prepare and counsel clients regarding their student loans. Josh was born and raised on Long Island and has lived up and down the East Coast before finally settling down in Vermont, where he’s been since 2012. He holds a BA in Psychology from Brandeis University, an MBA, and a JD from Quinnipiac University School of Law. He has three children and is an avid skier, glamper, and model builder.