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The TCPA is a hot bed of litigation and the time to file is yesterday. Anybody who is litigating or considering litigating TCPA cases could benefit from finding out how to make defendants pay top dollar on their cases.

What You Will Learn

  • How to put on your “$1500 Per Call” case from the client intake through trial
  • How to pitch your case to the court
  • How to communicate with the media to increase the value of your case
  • How to respond to defendants’ obstructionist tactics and make them provide the crucial information

“NACA’s Maximizing the Value of TCPA Lawsuits webinar was the most valuable legal CLE Webinar I have seen online.  It was well worth the cost, had outstanding materials and packed a ton of information into a just over one-hour seminar.”
“Great tactical advice on how to turn the tables on debt collectors and make them the bad guy to the court and jury.”


William “Billy” Peerce Howard specializes in fighting robo-bullies and achieving the maximum financial compensation for his clients. He has extensive experience lecturing throughout the country. Mr. Howard is the president and co-founder of The Consumer Protection Firm.