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When you have the privilege of representing a service member, there are several pitfalls that can occur during the litigation process. This webinar will review the processes and procedures required to obtain military records and witnesses for cases pending in civilian courts. This webinar is essential for attorneys who are not familiar with the military system but have cases in the civilian courts that require evidence and witnesses from the military.

The webinar will highlight the various ways to request a client’s own military records, records for another service member who is not a client, the requirements for making a proper request, and the requirements for obtaining a proper subpoena.

Additionally, the webinar will cover the requirements for obtaining military witnesses and the process for obtaining a military expert or person most knowledgeable.

What You Will Learn
• What are potential causes of action that involve service members
• How to propound discovery on the U.S. Government
• How to subpoena witnesses that may be Government officials
• What remedies service members and veterans can obtain, such as treble damages.

Gary Barthel is the founder of the Military Law Center, APC. Mr. Barthel is a retired Marine who has 35 years’ experience in the practice of military law. In addition to representing service members and veterans, Mr. Barthel is also a retained consultant and expert who has been retained by law firms around the country to assist them in a variety of civil cases involving service member related issues.

Nicholas Barthel is the founder of Barthel & Barthel, APC, a consumer protection law firm that focuses most of its practice on representing victims of identity theft and other cybercrimes. Barthel & Barthel focuses on litigating under Electronic Funds Transfer Act, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, Fair Credit Billing Act, and each other their California equivalents.