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You have a great client and a terrific set of facts. Two important questions linger. Whom should you sue to optimize your client’s recovery? If your defendants refuse to pay up, what measures can you take to ensure your client (and you!) get paid?

This CLE webinar is geared for any practitioner interested in handling auto fraud cases. This webinar will be exceptionally helpful for newer practitioners as you learn to maximize your results and avoid pitfalls of zero-payout recoveries.  It will also be helpful for those who have successfully obtained default judgments and now need new angles on collecting your judgments.

What You Will Learn

  • How to determine the best causes of action depending on the target defendants
  • Whether a particular defendant has a pocket to pick: are they financially viable?
  • How to collect of default judgments.


Amy Clark has been her own boss doing consumer law, bankruptcy, and employee-side employment law for over ten years. As a solo attorney, Amy has extensive experience in calming and encouraging her clients, hunting for errors and fraud in auto finance paperwork, filing suits to enforce warranties, explaining to consumers why accurate information will remain on credit reports, and beating up bullies in court. Amy’s practice, Amy Clark Law, counsels consumers all over Texas.

Dana Karni founded Karni Law Firm, P.C. in July of 2007 and has since been tirelessly pursuing and finding success for her clients in many areas of consumer law. Dana began her consumer rights career handling debt collection defense cases, as well as plaintiff’s debt collection abuse lawsuits. Over the past three years, Dana has transitioned her law practice to include auto fraud cases. Early in 2018, Dana won her first federal jury trial pursuing a used car dealer for odometer fraud.