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  • A Beginner’s Guide to Defending a Repo Deficiency Case
  • Developing an Auto Fraud Practice Part 2
  • Finance Company Liability in Auto Fraud Litigation
  • Hands-On Tools for TILA Closed-End Credit Cases
  • How to Make Money as an Auto Fraud Practitioner
  • Introduction to Auto Fraud Finance
  • Used Car Cases Can Be More Profitable Than You Think

Why These Videos Are Helpful

  • Are you new to auto fraud and want to gain a broad understanding of the major types of claims you can litigate?
  • Are you interested in determining whether the cases that walk through your door are litigable with valid, collectable claims under fee-shifting statutes and attorneys’ fees?
  • Want to identify the cases when revoking acceptance is an appropriate remedy for your clients?

This webinar series will give you an overview of litigable cases dealing with used car cases, financing, repo deficiency, rebuilt wrecks, dealer and title fraud, and lemon vehicles. This webinar series is geared to beginner and intermediate auto fraud practitioners.

What You Will Learn

  • How to spot cost-effective used car claims with good intake and simple research and determine which dealers are more likely to settle quickly and more likely to pay
  • How to use the Holder Rule and state holder liability statutes to expand client’s claims and finance company liability for wrongful actions.
  • How to make a living by defending automobile deficiency cases
  • How to litigate cases dealing with rebuilt wrecked vehicles, vehicle title fraud, dealer fraud, and Truth in Lending violations


Elliot Conn is the founder of Conn Law, PC, headquartered in San Francisco. Elliot has successfully litigated hundreds of consumer cases, both individual cases and class actions. Through his class actions and other complex cases, Elliot has been successful in eliminating over $1 billion in consumer debt on behalf of hundreds of thousands of Californians.

Richard N. Feferman is the founding partner of Feferman & Warren. Most of the firm’s cases are federal lawsuits against car dealers, credit reporting agencies, debt collectors, and lenders. The firm handles a wide variety of individual and class action consumer cases throughout New Mexico, as well as Colorado and Arizona.

Scott R. Kaufman has worked on well over 1,000 auto fraud cases and achieved a positive outcome for the client in virtually all of them. He is also a regular lecturer at Santa Clara University School of Law’s Alexander Community Law Center, on the topic of consumer law.

Sebastian Korth is a consumer rights litigator specializing in automobile law and debtors’ rights in Massachusetts. His accomplishments include achieving a major recovery for consumers in a class action settlement against a sub-prime auto lender in partnership with the National Consumer Law Center and also winning the first-ever ruling that Massachusetts used card dealer bond statute requires coverage for court awarded attorneys’ fees.

Peter T. Lane is a consumer advocate in Massachusetts and New York focusing on auto fraud, consumer debt, and employee and other civil rights. A large part of his practice involves state and federal litigation of UDAP, TILA, FDCPA, and RICO claims.

Nicholas Mattison is a partner in the firm Feferman, Warren & Mattison. He practices exclusively on behalf of consumers in individual and class action cases. He has litigated numerous TILA cases, including multiple TILA class actions through settlement and trial.

Gregory S. Reichenbach is a trial attorney representing primarily poor and working-class Ohio consumers. He focuses on litigation of collection defense cases and bringing individual and class claims against debt collectors, used automobile dealers, financial institutions, and other businesses who engage in unfair and deceptive acts.

Christina Gill Roseman, represents consumers at Roseman Law Firm, PLLC, with offices in Pittsburgh, PA and Morgantown, WV. She has successfully tried numerous cases against automobile manufacturers and dealerships.

Daniel A. Schlanger is a consumer lawyer focused on class action and other significant affirmative consumer litigation, predominantly in federal court. Since 2007, Daniel has headed the consumer protection practice at Schlanger & Schlanger, LLP.

Adam G. Taub is the co-founder of Adam G. Taub & Associates Consumer Law Group, PLC, a Michigan consumer protection law practice. His practice focuses exclusively on representing consumers against car dealers, banks, credit card companies, mortgage lenders, credit reporting agencies, and debt collectors.

Tashia Zeigler practices in Georgia.  She worked for over a decade as a public interest lawyer in State government and now practices with The Zeigler Firm in Atlanta, Georgia.