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  • Common Mistakes Associated with FCRA cases in Bankruptcy
  • FDCPA & FCRA Claims after Bankruptcy
  • Intersection between FCRA, Chapter 7, Mortgages, and Loan Modification
  • Post-Discharge FCRA Claims: Issue Spotting and Intake

Why these Videos are Helpful

Consumer attorneys are well positioned to assure that the right to a “Fresh Start” guaranteed by the bankruptcy code is realized for unfortunate consumers. Interested in a hands-on, practical approach to finding potential claims related to bankruptcy under the FCRA. Furthermore, all attorneys working on mortgage related issues for post-bankruptcy clients need to know how the bankruptcy schedules, the statement of intent, and other matters in the bankruptcy process impact the rights of the Debtor post-discharge.

What You Will Learn

  • How to spot issues for clients with credit problems that have not affirmed mortgages
  • How to handle challenges that arise before, during, and after client bankruptcy as well as furnisher challenges
  • What to do immediately after a bankruptcy discharge is entered
  • How to spot the common credit report trade-line violations after the bankruptcy has been discharged.