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  • Frame and Structural Damage Cases
  • Handing Warranty Claims Using Mag Moss
  • Litigating Odometer Fraud
  • Overcoming Roadblocks in Defective Vehicle Cases
  • The Wheels

Why These Videos Are Helpful

Interested in learning how to litigate frame and structural damage cases? Want to learn how to spot the claims and investigate if fraud occurred? Curious about the remedies available once you have spotted the problem? This webinar series offers an in-depth dive into litigating frame and structural cases commonly found in an auto fraud practice.

What You Will Learn

  • Determine whether frame and structural damage took place in your client’s vehicle
  • Determine whether odometer fraud took place and what remedies exist to bring relief to your clients
  • Spot common auto fraud and related claims and debt defenses associated with the condition and history of the car, based on false statements and failures to disclose, breaches of warranties, and other legal duties.
  • Determine which federal and state rules provide the best remedies for your warranty claims
  • How to attack the dealership’s claim that an inspection was performed prior to sale and no defects were discovered